Qualitative and technical

Company qualitative & technical characteristics

IPC services are research intensive in most cases. All sources of information are exploited and complete studies are carried out before consultation is given to the clients. Projects are always supervised and monitored by experienced personnel and nothing leaves the company until total satisfaction with the research, results and presentation of reports is achieved.

Human resource is trained for best performance and is urged and seen to participate in training sessions, seminars, study of relevant with the services material and continually improve performance and service to the client. HR is supported by a computer network for storage and handling of data, with software packages such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project Management, Auto Cad R13, B-Axies etc.

A wealthy library with legal, technical, financial, real estate reference books, catalogues, CD ROMs, is continually updated and all stock is listed for ease of reference.

Experience is continually transferred between the three offices of the company and standards, set out in the “Members Manual” are yearly revised. IPC through its projects allows for research and development. IPC services are covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance. We confirm that our company’s financial capacity is sufficient and adequate for the services provided.


The world renowned Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors with its origin in the U.K. but now an international body, RICS has more than 145.000 highly trained property and construction professionals.

With 140 years of experience, it is the mark of professionalism worldwide. Members provide independent and impartial advice to governments and international organizations, as well as to businesses and private individuals. It is a globally respected and well-known body for professionals involved in land, valuation, real estate, construction and environmental issues.